Santa's Sugar in three formats:


Santa's Sugar,  winner of ten awards, is a Christmas book for children and families.  The cost is $15.50, including shipping at the media rate in the USA.   

Santa's Sugar, hardbound, 51 pages
Copyright 2012

To request a free inscription in the book that you purchase, send an email to the author (at and supply the name/s of the recipient/s.  

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SANTA'S SUGAR,  the play,  was performed by Cactus Canyon Junior High School, December 6, 2018, at the Apache Junction Performing Arts Center  (PAC) to two audiences totaling 750 people.  Both performances were enthusiastically received.  The performers, too, had a satisfying experience. 

Now available!   The author has taken the much loved story and converted it into a three act play suitable for children's theater and school drama club productions.  The  play would also be fun for a senior citizen production or for a fun  group reading such as a family gathering, allowing the readers to  develop the personality and humor of their character.

The main characters are Santa; Mrs. Claus; Nugget, a little elf who can't find his place in the workshop; Twizzle, a compassionate reindeer; and Twink, head elf and narrator.  The remaining cast can be as small as 4 elves or  expanded by adding as many as 8 more elves, all with spoken lines, more reindeer, and dancing Snowflakes.  

The  author is willing to provide a reproducible script free of charge for any non-profit group that produces the play for the public before December 31, 2019.  Following the performance, the author would appreciate a copy of a program and feedback about the production.  For additional information and other uses, please contact the author ( 

Depending on location, the author would be delighted to attend  the performance.

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Slide Show

  • The text of this Christmas story and all the images are available as free pdf files for non-profit groups to use with their constituencies.  For-profit groups should contact the author for other arrangements.  

The story can be read to an audience while the images are projected.  The images are numbered and are coordinated with the text for ease of use.  

The author requests that, should you choose to use the slide show, you send her an email ( with the organization's name, address, coordinator's name, and type of audience (i.e., library class, children's party, etc.).  She would also appreciate feedback on the group's reception of the story. 

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