A Christmas story for children and for the child in each of us

About Santa's Sugar

Santa's Sugar has been a popular buy for parents, aunts,  uncles, grandparents and friends seeking a new Christmas story for the children  in their lives.  With its elf characters, Sugar, a curious cat, and a  kind reindeer named Twizzle, the story has themes of kindness,  friendship, responsibility, understanding and the desire to fit in.   Besides the workshop he runs and the gifts he brings to spread love and  joy, Santa is portrayed as a relatable adult who is also sensitive to  the feelings of a little elf named Nugget.  Gerencher often inscribes  the book with "Kindness is a gift we give to others and to ourselves,"  underscoring the importance and rewards of selflessness and compassion.   

The changing page colors reflect the mood of the  story, and the deep colors in the illustrations draw the reader into the  fantasy.  The story begins with the nighttime sky and the excitement of  the elves as Santa's sleigh is spotted in the distance.  The cheering  elves lift their torches to light the way for Santa's safe landing.   Throughout the evolving story from Nugget's failed attempts in the  workshop, the kitchen and the reindeer barn, the illustrations are  faithful to the storyline.  When Nugget flies off into the night to  rescue Sugar, the reader feels the mixture of fear and exhilaration as  Nugget clings to the back of his new friend Twizzle.  The ending  culminates in a satisfying ride home in the sleigh on Christmas  morning.  Clutching Sugar to his chest and sitting next to Santa, Nugget  now feels like a true elf.  

Feedback from  purchasers report that the book has become a Christmas must-read.  The  book can be read as a delightful story or it can be used as a jumping  off point for more age-appropriate in-depth discussion of the themes.   The high quality paper and hardcover will insure that Santa's Sugar will be around for a long time to charm and entertain years of family sharing.


About Jane Gerencher

 Jane Gerencher was born in Wilson Borough  PA and grew up in neighboring Bethlehem PA. She earned a BA in English  at Moravian College and an MA in English at the Pennsylvania State  University.

She has taught English at the middle school, high  school, community college and 4-year college levels. Her longest tenure  was at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem PA. In her teaching years, she  attended many workshops on the teaching of English and adolescent  development. She spent 3 ½ weeks on a summer fellowship program in  Poland and Israel. Her civic involvement included being a CASA volunteer  (Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children), a member of a Foster Care Review Board, and a member of a Restorative Justice Panel.  

Jane  Gerencher wrote a newspaper column in The Bethlehem Globe Times for two  years entitled "Dear Teacher." She is a past member of SCBWI (Society of  Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). She is a member of the Apache  Junction Writers' Group.

She enjoys reading, writing, travel, nature, and,  most of all, family. She says she has other stories clamoring to be  released from her desk drawer.