A Christmas story for children and for the child in each of us

Play Cast List

SANTA:  a kindly, loving Christmas legend

MRS. CLAUS:  a kindly, loving mate to Santa and part of the North Pole support team

NUGGET:  a little, awkward, but well-meaning elf who cannot find his/her place in the North Pole workshop 

SUGAR:  a pure white cat  

TWINK:  narrator and the responsible head elf who is older than the other elves

TWIZZLE:  a young reindeer in training who loves to leap and twirl, has sparkling hoofs

JOLLY ELF:  a gentle jokester elf 

WILLOW ELF:  a dutiful elf 

FLUTTER ELF:  an excitable elf

MERCURY ELF:  an enthusiastic elf

ELVES 1, 2, 3, 4 (If more actors are desired, the parts could be divided up to include 4 more elves (5, 6, 7, 8). Each would have lines.  If fewer actors are preferred, these parts could be assigned to Jolly, Willow, Flutter and Mercury, eliminating the numbered elves.) 

REINDEER:  8   (Possibly dancers, costumes with antlers and noses)

SNOWFLAKES:  To expand the cast, dancers could be used as snowflakes where appropriate in the script.


Scene:  Interior and exterior spaces at the North Pole, home of Santa Claus, and on a rooftop.

Time:  One year, two Christmas Days

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