A Christmas story for children and for the child in each of us


5 Stars!  Readers' Favorite

Posted on the Barnes and Noble web site, BN.com, on January 30, 2013

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

Nugget  couldn’t seem to do anything right in Santa’s workshop as he always  made mistakes in every new job he was given to do. That is, until Mrs.  Claus gave Santa a sugary white cat named Sugar, and Nugget was given  the responsibility of taking care of Santa’s new Christmas present. Even  though others thought Nugget would do something wrong in caring for  Sugar, Nugget proved them wrong by the way he took care of this special  cat.

Everything about this book is beautiful, inside and out. The  high quality hard cover is beautifully illustrated with Santa holding  his white furry friend, and Nugget looking on. This sweet story by Jane  Gerencher will capture your child’s heart and attention as you read  about Nugget, the misfit elf who makes mistakes and just can’t find his  place in Santa’s North Pole workshop. The beauty of the story teaches  children how everyone makes mistakes. Even when we make mistakes, there  is still hope because everyone has that something special we are good  at. The only problem is that we just need to find what it is. In this  story, Nugget realizes that taking care of Santa’s furry friend Sugar is  his job at the workshop, and he does his job well. And to go along with  the story, Michael Patch created awesomely wonderful illustrations on  every page that makes the story come alive before your eyes. You just  have to see the print book to understand the beauty of it. I highly  recommend this special Christmas book for your child’s library. And this  is not a book to be read only at Christmas. I have read it to my four  year-old niece several times today. For children, Santa Claus is for  year round and they enjoy Christmas stories any time. I encourage you to  pick up a copy for the special child in your life today.

5 Stars!  Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Posted on the Barnes and Noble web site, BN.com, on May 7, 2013

Santa  is VERY tired. He’s had quite a night, delivering presents to all the  good boys and girls around the world. Returning home, there’s nothing  he’d like better than to slip on his comfy slippers, sip hot chocolate,  and get a hug from his favorite kitty, Sugar.

Sugar is an  absolutely adorable cat, with an irresistible expression and a fluffy,  pure white coat that blends perfectly with the white trim of Santa’s red  coat. Sugar is loved by everybody, and expertly cared for by Nugget, an  elf whose sole job it is to take care of the cat. Nugget did try other  jobs, such as painting toys and feeding reindeer, but he never lasted  long at any job because, while he tried really, really hard, he always  fumbled the task. Caring for Sugar, however, has been the perfect job  for him and he is proud to see to every need of the cat.

Back to  the story…on that particular Christmas Eve, while Santa, Mrs. Claus and  Nugget headed from the sleigh to the house, Sugar ran to the sleigh.  Finding Santa’s hat, the cat snuggled with it and took a much needed  nap. Meanwhile, one of the elves came running into the house to show  Santa a present that had not been delivered to a little girl. Santa knew  that the youngster truly deserved the gift, so he ordered his reindeer  harnessed and off they went. Shortly after Santa disappeared from view,  Nugget noticed that Sugar was gone. Would he be able to find Sugar or  had he failed yet another job?

Santa’s Sugar is a really fun,  original story that I truly enjoyed reading. It has Christmas, a cute  elf who tries so very hard, a kitty that you’ll want to bring home and  oh, yes, a little mystery about a missing cat. At 51 pages, with not too  much text per page and lots and lots of fantastic illustrations, it’s a  good ‘read-together’ for young fans of Santa. It is also the ideal  length for youngsters who are not quite ready for chapter books,  although I suspect even those who can read above this level will choose  this book for a bedtime story. And about those illustrations - did I  mention they’re great? They capture the mood of Christmas and the love  of the season perfectly. Wrap it all up and it’s a wonderful Christmas  gift for your young reader.

Quill says: A truly original  Christmas story that teaches responsibility, and more importantly, that  there is a special purpose for each of us.
Insatiable Readers

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Nugget  is a little elf in Santa's workshop who cannot find his place and  purpose. After being less than successful making toys and working in  other departments, Nugget feels he is not a true elf. Fortunately, Santa  is in need of an elf to care for his beloved cat, Sugar, and, after  careful thought, chooses Nugget. Find out what happens to Nugget and  learn with him that kindness and friendship along with wanting to do the  right thing lead to happy endings.

Oh me oh my…what an unusual  and yet appropriate coincidence. *chuckle* Okay, before you count me out  for having one too many slices of fruitcake (which I’d never…I’ll leave  that for dear sweet Mom who LOVES the stuff), let me explain what I  mean. This is a picture book that’s heavy on the story but also on the  pictures…a good balance if I do say so myself. When gathering my  thoughts for this post, I was heavily reminded of one of my favorite  Christmas movies, Santa Claus: The Movie. No, not the Tim Allen one,  though those are delightful as well; the one where the older couple get  lost in a snowstorm only to be rescued/found by the Vendagum (aka elves)  and become Mr and Mrs Claus. It’s also the one where a certain  excitable elf was good at things, yes…but it took him a little while  longer to discover his niche in the North Pole family. His name…was  Patch. Look at the illustrator’s LAST NAME. Coincidence? Hmm….I wonder.  Anywho…

A longer than usual storybook that would make a GREAT  addition to any holiday reading rotation with characters that will truly  warm your heart, this is an adventure the whole family can enjoy…and  yes, I do mean adventure. It all starts with Nugget, the elf that seems  to be square in a round world, and a task that others said he couldn’t  be counted on to do….after all, he made a mess of everything else he  tried. How could they suppose this one would be any different? It’s  called giving an elf a chance people!

Santa was the one looking  for assistance and in his wisdom chose little Nugget, imagine that!  The  task…care for his much loved kitty, Sugar. See? Even Santa knows that a  furry friend is a wonderful addition to any family no matter how  complete it may seem! Though his choice was sound, mayhem does follow  when one winter’s night after a missed delivery, Santa takes flight once  again on an emergency mission to save a child’s Christmas…and Sugar  disappears! Nugget is beside himself and does everything he can to right  the wrong…aka FIND THE CAT! Will his efforts be fruitful? Is little  Sugar found and they all live happily ever after? Ah, you’ll have to  read it to find out but the lessons learned along the way are well worth  the journey.

Younger readers will be dazzled by the story itself  as well as get a first glimpse at what true friendship really  means…accepting others in spite of their faults and treasuring them even  more so for the efforts they put forth. Older readers will delight in  the familiar air to the story (as it does take place the night before  Christmas..hehe) while enjoying the new twists it is given that set it  apart from the holiday pack. Let us not forget all the pet lovers out  there as well because really, Sugar is a little white fluffy sweetheart!  (So cute!) It really and truly is a book that almost anyone will fall  in love with…unless of course your Ebeneezer Scrooge BEFORE the ghostly  visits; then I can’t do much for you…except warn you about clocks  striking the hour of ONE. *-*

5.0 out of 5 stars  Wonderful, Delightful Christmas Story!  November 8, 2012
Verna Clay

This  is a delightful story about Sugar, Santa's kitten, and Nugget, the  little elf entrusted to care for her. Nugget has yet to find his perfect  fit as one of Santa's elves, so when Santa assigns him the job of  caring for Sugar, the other elves wonder at Santa's choice. For an  entire year, Nugget does his job to perfection, but when Sugar goes  missing on Christmas eve, Nugget fears the worst. I won't give any  spoilers, I'll just say that finding Sugar was fun to read and contained  a valuable lesson.

As for the illustrations, they are superb!  Kudos to Michael Patch for creating pictures that warm the heart and  match the storyline perfectly.

Jane Gerencher has created a  storybook to be passed down from generation to generation. I heartily  recommend this Christmas storybook!

5.0 out of 5 stars  Great 'all year' Christmas Story :-)  November 9, 2012
Sue (Mooresvile, NC United States)

Santa's Sugar is a delightful little book that would be perfect under any Christmas tree, yet teaches life-long lessons too.  Elf Nugget can't seem to find his place at the North Pole, until Santa gives him a very important job. When Nugget almost fails at his new job, he learns from Santa how important it is to do the right thing.

Santa's Sugar is full of colorful illustrations that will charm any child.  It's a great reason to snuggle up with a child or grandchild - or little brother or sister - for a good read anytime of the year. It made me smile :-)

5.0 out of 5 stars  Santa and Nugget : a Christmas treat,  November 18, 2012
Linda of Naples, FL

This review is from: Santa's Sugar (Hardcover)

In Santa's Sugar author Jane Gerencher provides an amazing holiday book  that depicts Santa as a caring and inspiring adult when he selects the  "misfit" elf, Nugget, to take care of his kitten, Sugar. Nugget has  tried to be successful in many activities within the North Pole and  sadly is not successful at any task. So all are shocked when Santa  selects Nugget to take care of Sugar. Thus, Nugget must live up to  Santa's expectations and prove that he can be a responsible elf.

This  book provides parents a wonderful read aloud that can be used as a  springboard for "responsibility" and "doing your best" all year round.  The author's rich language is supported by the detailed and colorful  illustrations.

The ending has an interesting surprise and leaves readers with a wish for more Nugget stories! 

5.0 out of 5 stars  Santa's Sugar,  November 18, 2012
Lois from Bethlehem,PA 

This review is from Santa's Sugar (Hardcover)

Santa's Sugar is a wonderful book for children of all ages! The well written  story entertains and gives a message of "learning to do the right  thing". The illustrations are outstanding and children can relate to the  character of Nugget, the elf, who tries his best but often makes  mistakes. Finally, Santa sees his potential and has Nugget take care of  his kitten, Sugar. There is a twist at the end which shows the value of  friendship.

A holiday book that should be included on everyone's Santa's list for 2012