A Christmas story for children and for the child in each of us

Story Questions

Below are questions to ask a child about Santa's Sugar.   Preschool children will have fun trying to remember the answers when  the story is read to them.   Readers may enjoy searching for the answers  themselves.   All activity pages are available to copy and paste.


Pages 3 - 8

1.  What time of year is it?

2.  How does Santa know where to land the sleigh?

3.  What sounds happened as Santa’s sleigh came in for a landing?

4.  Who does Santa thank when his sleigh has landed?

5.  What does Santa say the reindeer have earned?

Pages 11 - 13

1.  What does Santa ask for?

2.  What is the name of the elf who gives Santa the small cat?

3.  What color is the kitty?

Pages 14 - 19

1.  How did Santa get Sugar?

2.  Why did Santa name the cat “Sugar”?

3.  Where does Sugar play?

4.  Where does Sugar sleep?

5.  Who takes care of Sugar?

6.  Where did Nugget work before taking care of Sugar?

Pages 20 - 26

1.  Why was Nugget sent to work in the kitchen?

2.  What jobs did Nugget do in the kitchen?

3.  Did the other elves think Nugget would do a good job taking care of Sugar?

4.  What did Jolly say about Nugget?

Pages 30 - 34

1.  When Santa came home, what did Mrs. Claus have ready for him to eat?

2.  What does Willow tell Santa?

3.  What did Santa have on his feet when Willow came into the kitchen?

Pages 38 - 46

1.  Where did Nugget look for Sugar after Santa left?

2.  Did Nugget find her in these places?

3.  When Nugget couldn’t find Sugar, what did he think about himself?

4.  Who wanted to help Nugget?

5.  Why was Twizzle kind to Nugget?

6.  How did Twizzle find Santa?

7.  Where was Sugar?

8.  Where did Nugget put Sugar?

Pages 48 - 50

1.  What did Nugget say to Santa?

2.  What did Santa reply?

3.  Did Nugget ride on Twizzle’s back to get home?

4.  Where did he ride?

5.  Who led the tired reindeer home?

6.  How did Nugget feel riding home in the sleigh with Santa?



1.  Which is your favorite page in the book?

2.  Which part of this page would you like to remember?

3.  Which of Nugget’s jobs would you like to do?

4.  Do you or a friend have a cat?

5.  Does the cat do funny things?

6.  Have you ever felt like Nugget?

7.  Do you have a friend who helps you?

8.  Are you a friend to someone?

9.  How do the characters in this story help each other?

10.  Are you surprised that Santa made a mistake?

11.  How do Santa and Nugget fix their mistakes? 

12.  How do you feel when you reach the end of the story?

13.  What would you like to say to Nugget?

14.  Which character in the story would you like to be?

15.  Why did you choose that character